Long-distance relationships: Is a happy ending even possible?

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but is it actually true? In today’s fast-paced world, absence makes both of you stressed out, and it indeed takes a lot of love – and a lot of effort – to make long-distance relations work.

When the two need to part for a long period of time, this is often caused by one of them moving to a different country. According to global statistics, 18 per cent of the world’s expats originate from India, and as per a recent survey, one-third of young Indians got into long-distance relationships because one of them had to move elsewhere to work or study.

Settling in a new country is always complicated: the necessity to create a new daily routine to master the new ways for most of the habitual activities – from grocery shopping to money transfers – is exhausting. Maintaining a healthy relationship when far apart from each other is a true quest that requires effort, patience and optimism from both of the partners.

If you are wondering how to make long-distance relationships work, cheer up: according to this year’s data, the success rate is about 60 per cent. Here are the tips that will definitely help you stay together even when you are far apart.

Are you feeling uncertain about your future? Define your goals and stick to your plan! For example, when a man goes to the UK to work there, leaving his wife and small kids in India, counting down the days till they finally meet will make everyone in the family feel better.

There are many controversial opinions on long-distance relationship problems. What’s certain is that these problems are inevitable. If one of you is in India and the other in, say. Germany or Italy, you should be prepared for the changes in the pace of your communication due to time zone differences. Furthermore, some things may not go as planned – in that case, keeping calm is your best strategy.

Scheduling weekly Zoom calls or listing the five things each of you enjoyed during the day may sound boring, but things like these will surely help you keep a healthy long-distance relationship. You may create a set of romantic rituals, like arranging playlists for each other or taking photos specifically for your partner. What’s more, planning even mundane activities – like sending money to India – will also help you feel less stress when separated from each other.


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